MCEAP Volunteering

Volunteer help is needed at all locations.

Extra help is welcome not only when the locations are open, but also on those afternoons after the Thrift Store and Clothing Bank close.

At the Thrift Store and More, we can especially use help on Monday mornings to unload the shed. These volunteers should be able to lift and carry boxes and/or bags of donations to the sorting room. A person with a pickup truck that would assist with off-site pickups and transfer of off-season sorted items to storage is always welcome.

There is always a need for volunteers to help in the store, especially on Saturdays. Jobs include sorting donations, hanging clothes, filling racks, boxing clothes, cleaning and organizing. Consider adopting a department and oversee its up-keep. A number of our volunteers have found this to be a very fulfilling way to contribute.


  • To volunteer at the Food Bank, please contact Melissa Poindexter at (540)381-1561.
  • To volunteer at The Thrift Store and More, please contact Margie Vitale when the store is open at (540)260-3173 or anytime on her cell number (540)449-2415.
  • To volunteer at the Blacksburg Clothing Bank, contact Matt Nottingham in person anytime the clothing bank is open.


Board of Directors

Position Name
President Susan Miller
Vice President  Marjorie Vitale
Secretary Matthew Nottingham
Treasurer Jennifer Cooper