Why Should I Volunteer? 

The need for our services in Montgomery County is great. According to recent census data, nearly 100,000 people call this county home. Of those residents, approximately 25% live in poverty. When you compare that number to the national poverty rate average of 15%, it's clear that significant help is necessary. Government programs do offer support, but there are many areas where they fall short in supporting those in need. We provide assistance only when those in need can prove their needs are immediate, emergent and temporary. Even following those strict criteria, there are more people in need than we can support. That's where you come in! Whether at our thrift store, food bank, clothing bank, or filling in any other need you see, MCEAP welcomes your help and looks forward to partnering with you. 

How Can I Volunteer? 

Volunteering with MCEAP is easy! Just fill out the form below with your contact information and we will reach out to you to talk about your availability and work interests. We're also happy to sign off on any community service forms you need.

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Interested in making a difference in Montgomery County? Sign up here and let's talk about where your skills can best help people.

Manager, Marjie Vitale

Meet the Manager, Margie Vitale

Born the 9th of 12 children in Brooklyn, NY, and raised on Long Island by an alcoholic father and "the sweetest Mom in the world," Margie and her family were always hungry, always struggling, always in need. She was taught by her mom to help others and share everything, even when there wasn't enough. She and her siblings did everything possible to help make money, but they still lived on public assistance and received surplus foods to keep us going. It was instilled in each of them by their mother to someday pay it forward and give to someone else in need.

She has been volunteering for 20 years in VA and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. She didn't hesitate when offered the opportunity to manage MCEAP, and contributes to the drive and vision of the organization. She is proud that every dime MCEAP raises beyond the funds that go towards purchasing the org's building are used to help people in need, just as they should. She says she was born for this work and that it makes her complete.